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Listen to me

As said time and time again, the biggest resource in finding a way to help people with Mental Illness is LISTENING.  Let your friend or loved one feel good enough to speak freely.  If they are comfortable with you, they are more likely to divulge information about them and the Mental Health Issue they are suffering from.  The more you know, you can support them.  You may learn how more stress in their lives brings out more depression or anxiety than usual and how that effects their work, school, and social relationships.  You may learn how to see signs of irritability, inability to sleep or eat, and isolation if you are aware of what head space they are in.  Most of the time, your friend or loved one does not want to burden others with their problems.   You being an ear to listen lets them know, it’s okay to ask for help and you are there for them.  They don’t have to be in the battle alone!

Missing you each and every day

Trying so hard to find my way

The thought crosses my mind, how can I go on?

Every moment is harder since you been gone

I hope one day we do meet again

As I know you are in angel above up in heaven

4 months and counting…

Today marks 4 months since my beautiful Aris passed away.  When you lose a child it is the worse you could ever imagine.  But, with my faith in God, family, and friends, I am still here!  I want to continue living a new life and a new journey.  I want to do lively things Aris and I would have done together.  Trying to change the direction of mental illness through awareness and education is a strong passion I acquired through her dying.  An inner strength that lies well beneath your soul now has to show, not only to myself but to others too.  There is life after death!  I am the living proof today.

Stop the Stigma!

Mental Illness has such a stigma.  People are often called “crazy,” “psycho,” or “not all the way right.”  Over the years people who have the disease -who have been told this- really start to take on the self fulfilling prophecy and begin to believe it.  This only adds to them not telling family, friends, or health care professionals when they really need help.  If you encounter someone like this, please, try to support them in any way you can.  The first step is listening.

Just do it!

If I am guilty of one thing with Aris passing, it is I thought I had more time.  I thought I had time for one more chat.  I thought I could give her another hug and hear her sweet voice.  That beautiful dress you have in your closet, Wear it!  That cute guy or girl that’s cute across the room, Smile at them.  The job you’ve been thinking about applying to, Apply!  Life is all about the small moments.  Enjoy them today!

Another day without you

I started today as I have started most days since the passing of my daughter.  I thank God for my life then start to cry as it is another day without Aris B.  She was such apart of me that I just don’t feel whole without her.  I then pray for God’s grace and mercy to make it through this day with his peace.  I thank him for Aris not having to suffer another moment with mental illness.  She’s at peace with no more pain.


I have decided to continue to help Aris through education and awareness of mental health issues. Thank you for following my blog.