Love is still around you

Love is still around you. You just have to look for it! I might not be much into the Christmas Spirit but just going outside and looking around I can see the love. The love of Christmas, the love of decorating, the love of the season, and mostly the love of family. I see dads climbing on ladders hanging lights and moms putting reefs on doors. It makes me remember that I still have mad love inside me and that’s truly worth living for! I might be going through the most difficult season in my life but the love remains. The love I feel for my daughter goes way beyond her physical death, it goes way beyond time and pain. It’s unconditional and always and I am and was blessed for being able to experience a bond like that! After the pain, the love is still there to comfort you. Even though I’m grieving, I know I am a stronger person, a more compassionate woman, and have reached the pinnacle of love that most people will only dream of!

One thought on “Love is still around you

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