Happy New Year!

I’m very excited that we made it to 2014!  Happy New Year! The possibilities of what this year may bring and what I look forward to doing is all very encouraging.  I haven’t made any resolutions but, I am making a conscious effort to seek the joy out of life.  I have to go in a new direction.  I have to be ready for change and open to new things.  I want to remember Aris and smile. I want to cry less. I want to feel her spirit and quiet strength. I want to focus on the love versus the pain.  I want to be better at being the new me, with Aris’ spirit echoing inside me.  I want to make her proud of me and this road less taken that my journey encompasses.  I’m definitely looking for laughter and refuse to take myself so serious.  A new year brings anticipation of what will happen.  I’ve decided to make things happen! Happy New Year!

One thought on “Happy New Year!

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