New Year, New You?

2014 is here.  Now, what are you going to?  Are you going to do the same things that you did last year?  Are you going to have some new year’s resolutions?  Are you still going to put off taking that trip?  Are you still window shopping for that same pair of shoes that just won’t go on sale?  This year, I want to inspire you to be new!  New in the friendships you have, new in your career, and new with your spirit.  If you keep going on with the same routine, how will you ever get new results?  I’m not saying reinvent yourself but, make some small changes where you can see the newness.  For instance, if all you do with your boyfriend socially is go out to eat, why don’t you try shaking things up with a dance lesson or maybe even go to a fun center and ride the go carts.  These can be new experiences and memories with the common ingredient still being you!  We are suppose to evolve a little bit as the seasons continually change so start off this year with your hopes and dreams renewed.  For me, I’m doing everything I can to find the joy in life.  I’m dedicated to laughing more and taking myself so seriously less.  So, on that note, right now, I’ll laugh out loud because this makeup job I’m wearing today looks like it was done by a cosmetology student at Choffin Career Center!

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