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A Poem Dedication: No More Pain

This poem is dedicated to Aris. It was written by her cousin Ashley. 

In loving memory of my dear beloved cousin

No More Pain

No more pain, no more hurting

You’re now with the Lord, there’s no more crying

You will always be with us, in our hearts

I can still feel you near even though we’re so far apart

Everyone has to go someday but you, why so soon?

I guess it’s okay though because you’re gone to a better place now, way past the moon

Family and friends we’re all hurting inside

And I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to feel sorrow, believe me it’s okay to cry

But just keep ya head up, I promise everything’s going to be alright

Now is the time we all need to come together, hug each other with all might

Cousin Aris, I just can’t believe you’re really gone

Why did you have to leave us, everything just seems so wrong

But in due time, we will meet again

Your life on Earth has ended, but your life has just began in Heaven

Can you see the signs?

Can you see the signs? When you truly follow your heart and instincts, and you have had a paticular subject that you’re pondering, do you think you could see the signs? Is your answer right in your face? What I do know is most people want to feel that their life has purpose and meaning.  Many of us question if our intentions and thought patterns can get us to this deep purpose and meaning. Hence, are we on the right track? Pay close attention to what you really want and pay even closer attention to the people, places, and things that are thrown at you in your eeveryday life. Do you want an inspiring friend or negative Nancy on your team? Who called you last night? Your friend of joy or that infamous mean girl? Watch the signs. Listen to the signs. Act on the signs!

Spring is finally here!!!

Today is the first day of spring!!!! I’m glad! Even if where you are is cold, today signifies that it won’t be for much longer. Flowers will begin to bloom, pollen in the air, the grass is turning green, and one of my all time favorites, the NCAA Basketball tournament begins!! I’m going to start by watching some hoops. How will you step into spring? With an open mind? The season has changed, what changes do you want? Spring is about new and also restoration. Repair your thoughts and if something there shouldn’t be, stop thinking of it now. Remember, everything, I mean everything starts in your mind. Spring ahead!

The future is NOW!!!

The future is NOW!!!

Look at these amazing youth! Whole life ahead of them….not so fast…did you know that there is an ugly, unflattering statistic about our youth? Teen suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death. We all have an obligation to prepare for the future. Please, let’s listen today, so that we all have a future tomorrow!!


Destiny and what we are destined for are deep and intense subjects. My life makes me reflect back to the beginning. I think of my mom naming me Faith. As a young child, I asked my mom why did she name me that and her response was “Because I needed faith at the time.” I never quite understood that at the time. I was immature and unable to sometimes handle other kids teasing me “Faith, where’s Hope and Charity? Honor and Sincerity?” Then George Michael came out with the song “Gotta have faith” and my junior high and high school years were spent annoyed with people singing the lyrics of the song to me. College came and the new rapper on the scene was a fellow n s med then Notorious B.I. G. who’s wife happened to be an R&B singer Faith. Alas, it was officially over!!! Everywhere I went, “Faith, where’s Biggie?” Kinda drove me insane. Faith was already a different name but now gave the most unsavory people a reason to go on and on about it. I then did not like or want the name to be mine. I thought faith was about being perfect. Well that’s not true!!! I spent years trying to figure out the real meaning: the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I knew long ago even though I once considered myself a perfectionist, that I would NEVER achieve being perfect. But what changed is that I know the real meaning of faith -belief without a doubt, mostly when things seem so far gone. My name has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY during the death of Aris. So many days I wanted to give up and quit. I thought I’d never enjoy life again and what was the purpose???? I stayed faithful and continued to go to church and pray. I stayed faithful to myself in saying “Faith, just hold on for one more day, it can only get better, you’ve been through the worst already.” As time went on, I have slowly started to return to the real me, Faith. My reflection ends with my mom needing faith at the time I was in her womb. Faith is what I am standing on now, who I want to be again, and the person I have always been destined to be.

“Forgiveness cl…

“Forgiveness clears the mind of the residue from the past. Until we forgive ourselves for what we did, did not do, or should have done, we will repeat our patterns. But, when the mind is clear of guilt and shame, it focuses on what is here instead of what was, and lets us take each moment as it comes.”

Iyanla Vanzant


March Madness!

The month of March is said to, “roar in like a lion and go out like a lamb.”  Boy am I ready for spring. Winter has been cold and long, and frankly, I’m over it. I’m ready for the NCAA Basketball tournament.  I’m ready for spring to come. I’m ready for the grass to turn green and the flowers to bloom and smell amazing! I’m ready to see family that has been just staying in the house and going back and forth to work. I’m ready for abundant sunshine and sheddding a few layers of clothes.  I’m ready for some spring sales at the stores! Hopefully, either Mother Nature or Punxsutawney Phil is reading this post and want to end the March Madness! The best thing is remembering that seasons do change and that we are only weeks away!! Til then stay positive and WARM!!!!