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I miss you, I m…

I miss you, I miss you, it’s so easy to see, I miss you and me.


Aris’ teacher, Mr. Holland, presented her with her high school diploma at graduation. He said the following words to her then. He also said them at a celebration of life held in memory of Aris. He felt it was appropriate as each time marked a transition period in Aris’ life.


Many walk by each other without seeing

Go through life without looking

Aris sees

Aris looks

Aris sees that each of us has talent

I call talents responsibilities

For they are not for us alone

But our responsibility to share

To thereby make the lot of all better

Aris looks and finds miracles daily

A sunrise, a sunset, lilacs in bloom,

every person in this room.

“Still waters run deep”

An old saying

Old because there is much truth

Aris is deep

Not deep like a well, for a well has a bottom

Not deep like an ocean, for an ocean has a floor

Even stretched to the limits of metaphor or simile,

Words can’t encompass Aris’ spirit,

Her knowing

In our Metro we do the usual school activities

Taking attendance, announcements, assignments, tracking student progress


Only with us one year

Directs our attention to principles underlying our Metro activities

The Metropolitan Learning Center Character Traits

Compassion, Integrity, Courage, Self Discipline, Respect

From near the center of her calmness

She draws us to what is prior to the MLC Character Traits,

Our humanity

I felt this inspiration when I wrote a poem a week ago in a MLC Diversity meeting


Race is a sieve

Sifting people by color

Piles of red, yellow, white, brown, black

Friendship is a wind

Scatters piles

Love a hurricane



Beach of humanity



Aris, I give you this diploma knowing I will daily miss The inspiration of your still waters running deep

May you be bles…

May you be blessed with…a little less stress

May the days be good to you: comforting more often than crazy… and giving more often than taking.

May the passing seasons make sure that any heartaches are replaced with a thousand smiles and that any hard journeys eventually turn into nice, easy miles that take you everywhere you want to go.

Always stay strong, fight on, and be brave. When things get a little too overwhelming, remember that there is a better day on the way, and it’s just a matter of time… before it brightens up your life and makes everything right again.

Douglas Pagels

Heal Your Wound…

Heal Your Wounds

Many of us ask ourselves in life,  “Am I unlovable?” Often this question arises after a difficult relationship, be it romantic or familial, that leads us to believe we are. Only when we resolve the pain of these experiences will we believe ourselves worthy of affection. That belief is what allows our capacity for love to grow.

Iyanla Vanzant