About Faith

     Faith Bishop is the founder of the M.I.N.D.S for Peace non-profit organization.  Faith started this organization in an effort to raise awareness for the general public and offer solutions to young people dealing with mental illness. Faith’s only child, Aris, struggled with the great effects of mental illness.

      In spite of her disease, Aris remained steadfast in continuing her education at college and trying to live her daily life as normal as possible.     Aris had a love for nature and volunteering, in addition to learning. Aris struggled with getting a proper mental health diagnosis, medicine, and dosages for the prescribed  medicine.  She saw countless doctors and psychologists to help her cope with the disease but, many fell short in their attempts. 

       In 2013, Faith’s 19 year old daughter Aris D. Bishop lost her battle with her disease. After the devastating loss of Aris, Faith began to heal by speaking publically about mental illness to any and all who would listen.  Faith took into consideration all the aspects of Aris’ struggle with mental illness, including misdiagnosis, trial medications and several doctors and specialist and disappointments. She took this pain and experience and developed the key focus’ for her non-profit organization, M.I.N.D.S. for Peace to offer new solutions and directions. She is passionate about helping other young people who are similar to Aris.  

        During her speaking engagements, Faith covers various topics during her presentation, including her own triumphant childhood and survival. However, she feels many, especially teens and young adults, will leave informed and enlightened by her words of encouragement about mental health awareness and suicide prevention.    Faith’s mission is to ensure that Aris’ beautiful spirit will forever live on through M.I.N.D.S for Peace.

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  1. God Bless you Faith, What a beautiful Soul…I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts..

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